Network Installations

Network Installations

Your network is the backbone of your systems. With a good reliable and flexible network, other aspects of IT become so much simpler.

Cisco Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switching & Routing

We have designed, installed and maintained a number of Cisco based network. From simple flat networks to complex multi vlan networks. Ensuring you have the flexibility and capacity to connect your devices and grow as the need arises.

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Firewall & Network Security

Protecting your network is essential. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide you with the most suitable option for your network. We work with some of the industry leaders in network security to ensure that your data and activity is safe.

We primarily work with WatchGuard Technologies and Cisco ASA. (Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance).

WiFi Connectivity

The ability to work wirelessly is quickly becoming the norm. We can assist in ensuring you have the best wireless coverage for your needs. We can provide WiFi Surverys to analyse your coverage needs and ensure that seamless connectivity is maintained to your devices.

We work with enterprise grade suppliers, such as Cisco Meraki and Ubiquity to provide you with solutions that are reliable, simple to manage and discrete.

Citrix Solutions

We have implemented a number of citrix solutions to enable flexible remote working. Built upon VMWare and Hyper-V, Our citrix solutions ensure that you always have instant access to your systems, where ever you are, on any device.

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HPE Solutions

We have been working with HPE hardware for a number of years. We feel that their kit delivers unprecedented value for money and reliability. Weither you are looking for a single server or an entire farm, we can work with you and suppliers to define, purchase and install the most appropriate kit.

Winodws Deployment & Migration

Working on older operating systems that are no longer supported or updated can be a big risk. We can work with you to provide an action plan to migrate to the latest systems. Depending on the number of clients we can tailor a solution to work for you. Giving you the piece of mind that all of your clients are updated and patched using centralized tools such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Office Relocation

Re locating an office or business is stressful. Our install and relocation services cover all aspects of office relocations.This will include:

  • Liaison with all necessary personnel and contractors
  • Conducting a pre-move audit
  • Relocation of hardware including servers, routers, PCs and peripherals
  • Reconfiguration on site of new location
  • Coordination with your ISP, IT supplier and office manager to ensure personnel have minimal downtime
  • Installation of customized system.
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