Disaster Recovery &
Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

Businesses large and small create and manage large volumes of electronic information or data. Much of that data is important. Some data is vital to the survival and continued operation of the business. The impact of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware could be significant. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential.

Information technology systems require hardware, software, data and connectivity. Without one component of the “system,” the system may not run. Therefore, recovery strategies should be developed to anticipate the loss of one or more of the following system components:

  • Computer room environment (secure computer room with climate control, conditioned and backup power supply, etc.)
  • Hardware (networks, servers, desktop and laptop computers, wireless devices and peripherals)
  • Connectivity to a service provider (fiber, cable, wireless, etc.)
  • Software applications (electronic data interchange, electronic mail, enterprise resource management, office productivity, etc.)
  • Data and restoration

At NetResolve we work with you to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken to ensure that your systems and data a protected in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity

Is having your company information backed up on the Cloud a Business Continuity Plan? Unfortunately, the answer is “No”.

Being able to access your information is key to business continuity; however there is more to a business continuity plan than availability of information.

Accessing the Cloud relies on an internet connection – which may not always be available (one solar flare could disrupt telecommunications). Data on cloud services can be lost through a malicious attack, natural disaster, loss of encryption key or a data wipe by the service provider or you could be locked out of your systems due to a ransomware attack.

To ensure your information is always available, we work with you to ensure that the right systems are backed up at a frequency that works for you. Backup up everything every day can become expensive. understanding and backup up the more critical systems as a priority etc.

Back-Up's & Data Loss

Having a solution in place to backup your data is crucial, but is that solution doing its job? Can you actually restore your data?

We have implemented a number of backup solutions that make use of onsite storage, NAS, External Drives etc. alongside Cloud replication.

With more companies looking to virtualize their systems, the ability to perform a single click backup and restore operation ensures peace of mind.

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